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Alternative Porno Titles

This brainchild was born as I was perusing my local movie rental outlet. I noticed a startling correlation between popular new mainstream releases and recently released adult titles. Below I investigate this strange phenomenon further.

Hollywood Release | Adult Release

Forrest Gump | Forrest Hump

Apollo 13 | Swallow 13

(Note: These first two titles were not enough to prove a significant correlation. I had to check more to eliminate a possible "Tom Hanks correlation". )

Leave It To Beaver | Leave It IN The Beaver

Mission: Impossible | Missionary Position : Impossible

Jingle All The Way | Jiggle All The Way

Mr. Holland's Opus | Ms. Holly's Orifice

As Good As It Gets | As Hard As It Gets

Deep Impact | Deep Impact

I believe my hypothesis has been proven: the adult industry is marketing their films by leeching publicity off of legitimate movie fare. This treatment is not limited to new releases, however.