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Okay, you'd have to be living under a rock to NOT know who this guy is. Best known as Special Agent Fox Mulder, David Duchonvy is a pretty serious actor. If you think he just came out of nowhere to achieve fame, look at his filmography! He's been in nearly 20 movies, and has been acting since he was bitten by the drama bug in college. His latest film is "Playing God", where he plays a surgeon entangled with the Mafia. David Duchovny is often described as mysterious. His last name is a Slavic word meaning spiritual. He is very proud of it, saying that he'd rather people know what it means than how to pronounce it correctly. David is indeed a very spiritual person. He loves reading and writing poetry. He also practices yoga. In real life he tends to be introverted and shy around new people. Chris Carter, executive producer and creator of "The X-Files", says David is frighteningly smart, soft spoken, and reserved, but often funny. David also has an incredibly good memory, especially when it comes to faces and names. He loves animals and has one dog, Blue.

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