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Welcome to Genetics.

As you may have ascertained, I am extremely interested in genetics, particularly human genetics. This page is just an extension of that hunger for knowledge. Enjoy!

Genetics for Beginners

Alright, I realize some of you are thinking, "Oh, genetics...uh, they cloned a sheep. I got my brown hair from my dad and my blue eyes from my mom," and that may be the extent of your knowledge. That's perfectly okay....for right now. This page is meant to both teach and entertain, so I won't go into great scientific detail. Also, throughout the pages, you'll see these lightbulb symbols: Light Bulb. When you see one of those, it means that there is a link there to go to another page about genetics, which probably explains something clearer than I did. If you're just looking for a little help on a particular area of genetics, feel free to make use of my table of contents.

| Introduction to Mendel | | Monohybrid Cross | | Dihybrid Cross | | Punnett Squares |

| Mendel's Conclusions |

Light BulbUniversity of Arizona's Biology department

Light BulbOnline Genetics Paper

Light BulbDr. Bruce Gillingham's BIO 102 Page

Light BulbThe Center for Disease Control's Office of Genetics

Light BulbHuman Cloning- Supermodels, sheep, etc.

Light BulbHuman Cloning: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy

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