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Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo is labeled as an alternative, Generation X, "Anti-Star." She has yet to find out why she is considered to be an Anti-Star, considering she likes as much publicity as possible. She insists that she doesn't purposely send across a Generation X image either. "Romantic comedies are hardly Generation X." Janeane started standup comedy during her senior year in college. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her stage career. This paid off when she met Ben Stiller in a deli when she was 27. He offered her a part on The Ben Stiller Show. She had had other jobs, incuding shoe salesperson, movie theater usher, bicycle messenger, and a chat line moderator. The Ben Stiller Show was an offer she couldn't refuse. That show, though short-lived, gave her a lift into television. She went on to star on Gary Shandling's HBO series, The Larry Sanders Show. Her first feature film was Reality Bites. Her most recent movie is The Matchmaker, and she will be in In Too Deep with Vince Vaughn. The 5'1" star has her own production company, titled I Hate Myself Productions. She doesn't want to get married in the future, but she does want to adopt 2 or 3 girls. She has many tattoos, including 4 green stars around her navel, Egyptian runes on her left arm, a peace sign on her ankle, and a star on her calf.

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