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Samuel L. Jackson

Raised in Chattanooga Tennessee, Samuel Leroy Jackson was accepted into Atlanta's Morehouse College, majoring in architecture. He tried out for a college musical once and got a part, convincing him to switch his major to drama. He loved to act and auditioned for television commercials at first, to the dismay of his family. Their doubts faded when he did a commercial for Crystal Hamburgers, which might have prepared him for the "This is a damn tasty burger!!!" scene from Pulp Fiction. He graduated from college in 1972, and landed a handful of small roles before Spike Lee saw him at a stage performance in 1981. Spike Lee cast him in Jungle Fever. This was his first big break, but he still didn't get much recognition for the thirty or so roles he played before Pulp Fiction. He now lives in Encino, California with his wife and 14 year old daughter. His favorite pasttime is golf. He says that his favorite type of movies are action movies because, "you get to shoot somebody and watch their chest explode."

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