IMPACT : Death from Above

A mile-wide asteroid colliding with Earth would have the equivalent destructive force of 7 million atomic bombs. A massive explosion would occur, vaporizing the entire area. An enormous amount of dust and vapor would block out the sun for several months. The climate of the planet would get dramatically colder at first, and then months later get dramatically warmer due to a greenhouse effect. Life on most of Earth would cease to exist as we know it, and at the very least, change so much that the results are still unfathomable.

Before we begin, there are a few things you should know....

ASTEROID \As"ter*oid\, n. A starlike body; esp. one of the numerous small celestial bodies whose orbits lie between those of Mars and Jupiter

METEOR \Me"te*or\, n : a meteoroid that has entered the earth's atmosphere

METEORITE \Me"te*or*oid\, n. refers to a chunk of matter reaching the ground, either being recoverable or creating a hole in the Earth's crust

The following pages are ones I've created to inform those of you who find this page about this phenomenon.

| Meteorite Impacts | | More About Comet Impact | | The Simulated Effects of a Small Comet |

| What Killed The Dinosaurs?? | | Can Impact Be Prevented |

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