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They say your links are the window to your soul...what you think is entertainment says something about your id and your personality. Here are some links that I find interesting.

Nova's Poem Page - This is link takes you to my girlfriend's poetry page. Feel free to leave your comments and send in your poems, too.

Newnet's #trivia Page - This is several pages devoted to a trivia game on mirc. A Java version of mirc is on this page, as well as an interactive Question of the Day to try your brain, so you can play a little trivia!!

Stupid Webpage - This is my aunt's man's homepage. This guy is expanding his web throne as fast as he can. Includes a touching biography of my aunt.

KATE's Page - This lady has a very good page, especially for us "thinkers" out there. Plenty of stuff to do here.

MENSA - The high-IQ organization. Take the quiz, and see if where you stand

ONLINE IQ TEST - This is probably a better IQ test than the one MENSA offers. Comes complete with the correct answers (after you take the test.)

Tripod's Daily Crossword - Exactly what it says. The homepage headquarters offers a Java crossword puzzle every day, and an archive of past puzzles.


If you're looking for a good book or a good movie, perhaps I can recommend a few items to you.

My Favorite Movies

My Favorite Books

My Favorite Music

These links are subject to change whenever I find something else worth mentioning.

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